Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

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Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company is a corporation organized pursuant to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Its home offices are located in New York City and Philadelphia, and its claims offices are located in Philadelphia, as well. Reliance Standard is authorized to do business in the State of Florida. The starting point is [...]

Lyme Disease Disability Benefits

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Your insurance company may attempt to withhold Lyme Disease disability benefits from you. Here’s how we can help prevent this from occurring. This debilitating medical condition first came to my attention during a difficult case some long time ago. I saw the significant impact this insidious disease can have. Science tells us that this disease [...]

Cigna Long Term Disability Benefits

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It can be stressful trying to get your Cigna Long Term Disability benefits without the help of a lawyer. Here’s why you need a lawyer to help you resolve issues with Life Insurance Company of North America. Cigna is a parent company which has multiple insurance companies under its umbrella.  The primary company with which [...]

Dr. Phillips: Long Term Disability Benefits

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Do you live in Dr. Phillips and need legal representation on a claim for Long Term Disability benefits?  We are lawyers who limit our practice to representing claimants for Long Term Disability benefits in and around Florida and Dr. Phillips Long Term Disability benefits. Having been born in Central Florida, I can remember when Dr. [...]

More About Unum Long Term Disability Benefits

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Unum Life Insurance Company is a company which causes a lot of people to call me about their claims handling practices, even when Unum Long Term Disability benefits are being paid. Unum has an affiliation with the following companies which also issue Long Term Disability insurance policies: Paul Revere Provident First UNUM UNUM UNUM Provident [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Disability Benefits

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Your insurance company may withhold Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability benefits from you for a number of reasons. Here’s how to prevent that from happening. First, what’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a diagnosis much maligned by insurance companies. It is also referred to as Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (“SEID”) as well as Myalgic [...]

Fibromyalgia Long Term Disability Claims

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There are a number of medical conditions which seem to raise a “red flag” for insurance companies. Fibromyalgia is one of them. Insurance companies react negatively to Fibromyalgia long term disability and short term disability claims, discounting the effects that this disease can have on an individual. Insurance companies try to deny the claim because [...]

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and Lincoln Financial Group Claims

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People are getting frustrated with Lincoln financial group claims denials. Here is how Herbert M. Hill P.A can help. Lincoln Financial Group is a corporation with its home office located in Indiana. The Lincoln Financial Group claims office is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln Financial has purchased other insurance companies including Jefferson Pilot. Lincoln National [...]