From Your Orlando Attorneys: COVID-19 PTSD, Depression and LTD

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As Orlando attorneys, we're sharing the effect of COVID-19 on our clients and the community. COVID-19 For many people, the pandemic of COVID-19 and mental health have gone hand in hand. Starting in January, as news of the potential effect of this illness has spread and it began affecting Americans in a significant way, a [...]

What is the Value of my Long Term Disability Case for Purposes of Settlement?

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Once a Long Term Disability claim has been denied for the final time, or exhausted, a lawsuit may be filed. At this point in time, we begin to have serious discussions with our client regarding the actual value of their claim. This point is most often discussed in the context of a mediation, which is [...]

Social Security Disability dovetailed with Long Term Disability

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One thing which we always find startling is the answer we generally receive when we ask our clients how much they expect to receive when and if Social Security Disability are awarded.  We need to have this information to assess the economic value of a client’s Long Term Disability benefits.             Now, we are not primarily [...]

Chronic Pain

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At Herbert M. Hill, P.A., just about all we handle are short term disability and long term disability benefits claims.  We routinely handle claims for individuals who are suffering from the catastrophic effects of chronic pain and pain medication dependence. It is always our intent to empathize with our clients’ medical conditions and understand how [...]

Treating Doctor Cooperation

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Treating doctor cooperation can feel like a trap. We're uncovering the facts: There is one big stumbling block with evidence in Long Term Disability benefit claims governed by the federal statute known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), 29 U.S.C. §1001, et seq.  That problem relates to medical evidence.  As discussed elsewhere, the trial of the [...]

Mass Mutual Claims

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 Mass Mutual is a corporation organized pursuant to the laws of the State of Massachusetts.  It has its home office in Springfield, Massachusetts where it also has its claims offices.  Mass Mutual is authorized to do business in the State of Florida.            At Herbert M. Hill, P.A., we have handled [...]

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

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Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company is a corporation organized pursuant to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Its home offices are located in New York City and Philadelphia, and its claims offices are located in Philadelphia, as well. Reliance Standard is authorized to do business in the State of Florida. The starting point is [...]

Lyme Disease Disability Benefits

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Your insurance company may attempt to withhold Lyme Disease disability benefits from you. Here’s how we can help prevent this from occurring. This debilitating medical condition first came to my attention during a difficult case some long time ago. I saw the significant impact this insidious disease can have. However, there are Lyme Disease disability [...]