Chronic Pain

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At Herbert M. Hill, P.A., just about all we handle are short term disability and long term disability benefits claims.  We routinely handle claims for individuals who are suffering from the catastrophic effects of chronic pain and pain medication dependence. It is always our intent to empathize with our clients’ medical conditions and understand how [...]

The Content of Your Appeal Matters

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Recently, our office has heard from many clients that claims representative have directed them to appeal the denial of Short- and Long-Term Disability benefits in a short, direct statement.  Some clients have come to us after having written to their insurance carrier only stating, “I appeal,” at the direction of the representative assigned to their [...]

Why Was My Long Term Disability Denied?

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There are so many reasons an Insurance carrier can decide to deny a claim for Long Term Disability benefits.  There are those reasons that they use to deny on the surface and cite in a denial letter and there are those internal reasons which motivate the insurance companies to deny that you will not be [...]

Let Our Paperless Office Work For You

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Our office has been a paperless office for over 11 years. Other than very specific, original documents in our clients’ files, all the documentation that goes through our office is digitized. Being a paperless office is particularly helpful when handling a Long Term Disability claim, which is document intensive.  This system allows us to keep [...]

Keeping A Case Diary

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If you hire me as your Long Term Disability attorney, one of the first letters I will send will tell you to keep a case diary.  I cannot emphasize this enough, for a number of reasons. First, if you write it down, you do not have to remember it.  This is helpful because this time [...]

Medical Records Reviewers

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When Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefit claims are denied an “Administrative Appeal” must be filed.  This is a time when you really need an attorney to guide you through the regulatory you will encounter. The new regulations concerning the use of “medical records reviewers” hired by the insurance company to render medical [...]

How Your Social Media Account May Affect Your Short or Long Term Disability Claim

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Could your social media account affect your disability claim? Find out below. Many of our clients ask whether their disability insurance company will investigate them either in person or online.  Taking your child to school, having dinner with family or friends, or engaging in your favorite hobbies can turn an innocent life activity into one that [...]

Pre-existing Condition

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It seems there are more and more Long Term Disability claims coming to our attention here at Herbert M. Hill, P.A. involving pre-existing conditions.  Let me explain generally how this exclusion works.  However, let me remind the reader that the governing Plan Documents have to be reviewed to be specific to your circumstance. Generally, if [...]