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Specializes in Disability Insurance and knows what he is talking about!


Unfortunately, my medical condition forced me to stop working. After applying for Long Term Disability benefits through coverage I had with my employer, I was forced to look for representation. No attorney would take my case until I consulted with and hired Herbert M. Hill, P.A. to enforce my rights. It was an excellent decision. Mr. Hill and staff worked promptly to appeal the benefit denial. The appeal was successful and I have been on benefits ever since. After that, Mr. Hill kept my file open. His firm has handled all paperwork and walked me through each issue which came up.


At any given time, I knew where my case stood. If I had any questions, they would be answered on my first call or by the end of the same day.

The case was handled efficiently and in a timely manner. I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Hill.


The assistance provided by Mr. Hill and his staff proved invaluable, even continuing with related issues which have continued to arise after my disability claims were approved…

I am extremely grateful for the personal concern shown – not only about my claims but about me – his staff’s concerns as to how my claims and the issues relating thereto would affect me, as a person.

- A.D., Esq.

Having worked in many law offices for years, I feel more than qualified to say if you want an honest, professional firm representing your interest…. you are in the right place. Phone calls always returned, an honest assessment of the case, as well as an estimated timeline pretty much adhered to. I was recommended to use Herbert Hill by another attorney who said he was the ‘guy’ to use and he was right! Thank you again Herbert Hill and Patricia… so glad our case is behind us and we have peace of mind knowing we were represented by the best!

- V.M.

After extensive efforts to find help with my disability case, I finally got a referral from a referral for Mr. Hill. The fact that his office is in Orlando, and my home is in West Palm Beach, made no difference whatsoever. I am not overstating when I say without Mr. Hill, I would have never seen a penny. I actually ended up with two settlements. This firm is tenacious, they don’t give up, and they perdue every lead, every possibility. They stepped in when no one else dared. I owe them a lot, and am so happy to be able to share my personal experience with you all.

- S.C.

I am a former manager of a well-known telecommunications company. After many years on a successful career path, my health conditions forced me to file for Long Term Disability benefits. Although it seemed to me that I was clearly disabled, the insurance company denied my benefits. It was at this time that I decided to employ the services of Herbert M. Hill, P.A. to assist me with the claims. I am glad I did.


The undersigned is a veterinarian whose health conditions forced me to file for disability benefits, including benefits pursuant to an “overhead” policy.

There were any number of issues which arose, none of which I would have expected. Mr. Hill even came to my office for a review of my office procedures and a meeting with the insurance company’s field representative.


-A.G., DVM

Mr. Hill filed an appeal which resulted in an early settlement of the ensuing lawsuit which was the result I wanted. Because of the successful handling of that claim, I retained Mr. Hill to handle an issue which arose in conjunction with my entitlement to continuing pension benefits. Mr. Hill again filed an appeal which resulted in those benefits being reinstated.

I was very pleased with not only the favorable results secured as a result of Mr. Hill’s representation but also the manner in which he handled the claim and kept me advised throughout the proceedings.

- S.V.

It is not often I take the time to write a review on-line unless it is well deserved. Mr. Hill and his team (Patricia) represented me in a difficult disability case spanning several years. Not only did he obtain a favorable reversal when when my disability benefits he stayed with me and my family until my case settled with a very favorable outcome. His hard work and compassion are unparalleled and I am fortunate to have chosen Mr Hill to represent me. Throughout my case I was always updated timely and I NEVER had any surprises. I would strongly recommend Mr. Hill and his team for anyone in need of legal services. My case is now over but I have continued to stay in touch with Mr. Hill and Patricia and hope to continue our relationship. I know the legal industry extremely well and you will not receive this type of individual representation from a large firm. I am proud to offer this review. Respectfully, Michael J. Herr-Client

- M.H.
Great first impression, give me a clear plan of action on the first meeting. Definitely feel confident in Mr. Hill handling long-term disability claim. His assistant Patricia was so easy to work with.
- S.S.

Herbert Hill and his staff were absolutely wonderful. They helped us through a tough time. We did receive a fair settlement from an insurance company that refuse to pay. I definitely recommend he and his staff for any of your needs

- G.B.