Disability Insurance Company Tools Which May Be Hurting You More Than Helping You

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The insurance company handling your Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability claim has many Disability insurance tricks up their sleeves disguised as efforts to help you which actually work against you and should be employed with eyes wide open.             Recently, a client came to us and was full of angst due to misinformation he [...]

Disability Travel Restrictions

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Wondering about disability travel restrictions? We've just learned of the new policies covering this topic. This blog is prompted by one of the most egregious clauses I have ever discovered in a Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability Insurance Policy.  Now, these policies in the past have addressed issues concerning travel while on disability.  [...]

Should I hire an LTD Attorney?

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If you have been denied Long Term Disability benefits, you may be wondering whether to hire an LTD attorney to handle the appeal of that denial. While it is possible to handle the various appeals on your own, it is not advisable to do so. There are many pitfalls a layperson can overlook to the [...]

Protecting Your Income Stream As A Part Of Your Long Term Disability Plan

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Apart from physical assets, it is hard to think of anything more valuable than your ability to continue the income stream you have generated thus far in your career.  Becoming disabled represents a major change in anyone’s financial plan.  Often people correctly plan for this by ensuring they have an insurance policy secured either as [...]

Proving Disability to the Social Security Administration and Under a Short and/or Long Term Disability Policy

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In this blog, we're sharing how to prove your disability to the Social Security Administration and what to do under a Short and/or Long Term Disability Policy. If you have become disabled from being able to work and the need to make a claim for benefits under Short Term, Long Term or Social Security Disability [...]

What NOT to Say To Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims Representative

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There are many things you should not say to your Long Term Disability Insurance Claims Representative. Here's what to avoid in order to obtain a successful claim. An individual or group long term disability insurance policy is purchased to protect your financial well being when an injury or illness renders you unable to perform the [...]

Social Security Disability dovetailed with Long Term Disability

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One thing which we always find startling is the answer we generally receive when we ask our clients how much they expect to receive when and if Social Security Disability are awarded.  We need to have this information to assess the economic value of a client’s Long Term Disability benefits.             Now, we are not primarily [...]

Should I continue Paying my Long Term Disability Insurance Premiums?

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Whether or not you should continue paying for Long Term Disability Insurance Premiums is a question we get a lot. We're sharing the answer below. The question which routinely comes up for my clients with pending claims for Short Term or Long Term Disability benefits is whether to continue paying the premiums for the insurance.  [...]

Physicians, Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Architects, CPAs, Chiropractors, Professional Athletes

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We have represented all of these people and more. Long Term and Short Term Disability sees no titles. One thing which I have noticed over my many years of practice is the reticence of professionals to admit they have reached the point at which they can no longer work.  Note that I did not use [...]

Attorney Representation at Every Stage of Your Short Term and Long Term Disability Claim

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It is important to protect your income stream of disability benefits. You trusted through all your pre-disability years, as you were paying into a private or group Short Term or Long Term Disability plan, that in the event that an injury or illness should make you unable to work, you would be secure financially through [...]