What Do I When The Hartford Insurance Company Denies My Long Term Disability Claim?

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If you're wondering what to do when The Hartford Insurance Company denies your Long Term Disability claim, keep reading to find out. If your Short or Long Term Disability claim is denied by The Hartford insurance company or any other disability insurance company, you should contact a lawyer to handle the appeal which will need [...]

What are Waiver of Premium Life Insurance benefits?

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We often get asked what Waiver of Premium Life Insurance benefits are. We are sharing the details with you below. Waiver of Life Insurance Premiums or Extension of Death benefits are sometimes provided in connection with group Life Insurance benefits.  They are usually associated with a pending claim for Short Term Disability or Long Term [...]

Own Occupation Disability – What Does That Really Mean?

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What does it mean when someone refers to "Own Occupation Disability" while disputing benefits? We're sharing the details below. In a dispute over Long Term Disability benefits, the term “own occupation disability” can start to take on more meaning that those two words seem to imply at first glance. The general gist of this examination [...]


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The uncertainty of the present times is the cause of great consternation to many of us.  Some have suffered from not only the virus but also the emotional and psychological impact on the changes which have been radically forced upon us.  We here at Herbert M. Hill, P.A. do our best to remain aware of [...]

From Your Orlando Attorneys: COVID-19 PTSD, Depression and LTD

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As Orlando attorneys, we're sharing the effect of COVID-19 on our clients and the community. COVID-19 For many people, the pandemic of COVID-19 and mental health have gone hand in hand. Starting in January, as news of the potential effect of this illness has spread and it began affecting Americans in a significant way, a [...]

Virtual Health Care

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The COVID-19 outbreak has caused the occurrence of virtual health care to skyrocket. Many individuals are more hesitant than ever to visit doctor’s offices during the last 4-6 weeks in America because they are terrified of contracting the coronavirus and ordered to shelter in place. Medical professionals similarly are desirous of keeping their patients, and [...]

Why Was My Claim For Oviedo Long Term Disability Benefits Denied?

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Time and again, I have clients in my office absolutely dismayed that the insurance company has denied Short Term Disability or Oviedo Long Term disability benefits. Quite frankly, from a medical standpoint, the disillusionment is understandable.  There are a number of potential reasons for this injustice, none of which have to do with the claim [...]

What Is The Deal After Your Long Term Or Short Term Disability Claim Is Approved?!

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Once your Short Term Disability claim is approved, now what? We're sharing our experience with what comes next. So many people have been calling me seeking help on their Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability claims at a point in time when benefits have been approved.  Usually, for some other reason, another issue has [...]

Mediation Preparation – ERISA cases

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In anticipation of reading this writing about mediation preparation of ERISA cases, it is important that you read the writing on “Mediation Preparation - General” so the following makes as much sense as possible. Mediation of cases under the federal statute commonly referred to as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (or “ERISA”), are very [...]