From Your Orlando Attorneys: COVID-19 PTSD, Depression and LTD

As Orlando attorneys, we’re sharing the effect of COVID-19 on our clients and the community.


For many people, the pandemic of COVID-19 and mental health have gone hand in hand. Starting in January, as news of the potential effect of this illness has spread and it began affecting Americans in a significant way, a tolling has taken place on the mental health of our citizens. The news caused an immediate panic and fear that has increased with time. The anxiety around job security, child care and our economy grew. When most Americans became quarantined in March of 2020, a new kind of toll on our mental health settled due to a lack of human interaction and time spent outdoors.

 These symptoms can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”). Some individuals were more prone than others to this kind of diagnosis, whether they are first-responders or individuals or themselves or loved ones are immuno-suppressed and at higher risk for contraception of COVID-19.

Some individuals already suffer from mental health conditions, like depression, which makes them more susceptible to other mental health conditions like PTSD. Fear that you will not be able to financially care for your family in the near future is traumatic, there is no question.

 If you find that you are unable to work as a result of your mental health, speak to your doctor. Even if you have been let go from your previous position and were planning to (attempt to) file for unemployment, that action requires that you are “ready, willing, able, available, and actively ready to seek work.” If you are suffering from PTSD at a severity level that disqualifies you from this requirement of unemployment, it may be time to consider applying for short-term disability benefits.

Those individuals who have suffered from PTSD during this time are eligible for short-term disability benefits and even long-term disability benefits depending on their individual diagnoses and situations. Short-term disability benefits are intended to bridge the gap for a short period of time, usually, three months, during which an injury or illness prevents you from being able to perform work.

 If you feel the above information applies to you and you have short-term disability insurance, you may want to consider making a claim for the benefits during a time that you need them most. Give our office a call to speak to Orlando attorneys, we would be glad to help walk you through the process.

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