Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

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Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company is a corporation organized pursuant to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Its home offices are located in New York City and Philadelphia, and its claims offices are located in Philadelphia, as well. Reliance Standard is authorized to do business in the State of Florida. The starting point is [...]

Your Case Diary

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When involved in a claim for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits, it is very important for the claimant to keep a personal Case diary involving the case. This point cannot be stressed enough.  Let me explain why. First, think about this.  Everyone involved in your case diary is taking notes.  The insurance [...]

Denial Of Benefits

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I represent claimants against insurance companies which issue Short Term and Long Term Disability benefits policies.  I can say that every one of these companies has issued a denial of benefits which can only be described as astonishing. They include Aetna, Prudential, Hartford, Provident, Unum, MetLife, Penn Mutual, MassMutual, MONY, Diversified Management Services, Lincoln, Reliance, [...]