Your Case Diary

When involved in a claim for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits, it is very important for the claimant to keep a personal Case diary involving the case. This point cannot be stressed enough.  Let me explain why.

First, think about this.  Everyone involved in your case diary is taking notes.  The insurance company’s claims representative is taking notes.  Any doctor you see is taking notes.  As your attorney, I would be taking notes.  While as your attorney I believe I am doing more than just a “job,” truly if the people working on your case are taking notes, you must do so as well.  Now, this may sound like just more work on your part but I believe it will, in fact, relieve some of the stress associated with your case.

A lot of clients tell me that when they are at the doctor’s office, the doctor seems in such a hurry they are not given time to remember all of their questions. With a case diary, you do not have to remember.  Every time you think of a question for the doctor, you have a ready-made place to write it down.  Then, right before seeing the doctor, a quick review of your diary reminds you.  In fact, I like it when a client come in with their diaries and their questions for me all ready to go so they are not under any stress to remember questions, instead just working together to advance your case.

With the claims representatives, it is even more important to keep notes.  So often they will quote (or, often, misquote) what you said to them.  You must fight fire with fire- take your own notes.  Get their full names and direct extensions.  They can call you directly so you have to be able to call them directly instead of being lost in the phone maze so many insurance companies set up.  If they will not give you a direct extension, at the beginning of your conversation tell them that you will not talk to them until you have the same ability to call them directly as they have to call you directly.  For all such conversations, write the date, time of day and phone number down with a short summary of the conversation.  It can be in your own shorthand as long as you can reconstruct it.

If you have questions arising out of your group or private short term or long term disability benefits or any issues under ERISA, you should contact an attorney who routinely handles such claims.  The law offices of Herbert M. Hill, P.A. handles such cases and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your case diary with you, at no charge.  You can contact me at 407-839-0005 or at

If you would like, after discussing your case diary, we can set a conference.  That conference would be free of charge and you would be under no obligation to hire me nor would you feel any pressure from me to do so.

Herbert M. Hill, P.A. is a law firm located in Orlando, Florida with a practice extending throughout the state of Florida and the southeastern part of the United States, including  Georgia and Alabama.  Areas of practice include disability and employee benefit claims of all sorts.  The firm handles any claims arising under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (known and referred to as “ERISA”) for disability benefits, medical benefits, retirement benefits of any sort, including pension, 401k, termination agreements or the like as well as claims arising under private disability policies.

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