Why Was My Claim For Oviedo Long Term Disability Benefits Denied?

Time and again, I have clients in my office absolutely dismayed that the insurance company has denied Short Term Disability or Oviedo Long Term disability benefits.

Quite frankly, from a medical standpoint, the disillusionment is understandable.  There are a number of potential reasons for this injustice, none of which have to do with the claim documents, the medical evidence or your presentation of them. Here’s what we suggest if you’re experiencing trouble with your Oviedo Long Term Disability claims.

The first trick is the insurance company will deny Short Term Disability with only a couple of weeks of benefits left.  The reason for this is to avoid an easy transfer into Long Term Disability. There are hoping to delay things by getting the claim tied up in an administrative appeal in the hopes the Long Term Disability claim will be overlooked.  Of course, they want the Long Term Disability benefits claim overlooked because that is where the insurance company’s real exposure lies.

 Another reason for the denial might be the belief by the insurance company that they can starve you out and force you back to work.  Unfortunately, this tactic sometimes and -people are forced into whatever lesser job they can find to keep the lights on. Some just abandon the claim altogether, tired of the lies and bullying.  This is why I never let the insurance company’s representatives into a client’s house. Maybe finances are tough- there’s no need to let the insurance company know this. They will use it against you.

 There are other tactics at play but you get the idea. The insurance company’s goal is not to fulfill its contractual but to get out from under it.  Here at Herbert M. Hill, PA, we battle for you to right these injustices.

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