Why Hire Herbert M. Hill, P.A. As Your Attorney In Orlando?

Herbert M. Hill, P.A. is the preferred attorney in Orlando. Here’s why.

At Herbert M. Hill, P.A., we limit our practice to claims involving securing and protecting claims for disability benefits. Because of this, we are more familiar with the ins and outs of this very complicated area of the law than other firms that only dabble in this practice area. Most of the claims we handle fall under the federal statute known as E.R.I.S.A. which is extremely complex and presents nuanced challenges. We are familiar with the common practices that insurance companies engage in an effort to deny your valid claim for Short and Long Term Disability benefits.

Regardless of the specific nature of the issue presented in your long term disability claim which caused you to call us, we offer representation which continues throughout the life of your claim, walking you through any horizon which presents itself.  We have been there. Most attorney’s drop you after the specific issue is addressed and the fee paid. Thereafter, there is no handling of your paperwork nor answering of your questions. In addition, the insurance company is able to deny your claim again and you will be left without representation. For this reason, we represent our clients for the life of their claim, unlike the majority of attorneys who handle these kinds of Long Term Disability claims.

 During this time of financial distress, thinking about hiring an attorney to protect your contractual rights to short term or long term disability benefits, has to be overwhelming.  As an attorney in Orlando, we offer differing fee arrangements according to the client’s needs and the specific issues which might arise. We are very flexible on this subject. One thing we always keep in mind is the client is the boss.  The boss has a right to make sure he or she is getting the best deal. We will answer any questions you might have along these lines. Our fee arrangements have proven to save our clients significant money over the years.

 At Herbert M. Hill, P.A., once we become your attorney in Orlando, we remain your attorneys for as long as you would like.  We remain available for your inquiries and remain between you and the insurance and their bullying ways.

 If you have any questions about your Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability claim, please give Herbert M. Hill, P.A. a call and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have.   We are available at 407-839-0005 or, toll-free, 844-454-59995, If you would like, after discussing your case, we can set a conference. In most circumstances, that conference would be free of charge but in no circumstance would you be under any obligation to hire me nor would you feel any pressure from me to do so.

 Herbert M. Hill, P.A. is a law firm located in Orlando, Florida with a practice extending throughout the state of Florida.  While the vast majority of cases handled are for disability insurance benefits, areas of practice include employee benefit claims of all sorts.  The firm handles any claims arising under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) for disability benefits, medical benefits, retirement benefits of any sort, including pension, 401k, termination agreements or the like as well as claims arising under private disability policies.


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