What are Waiver of Premium Life Insurance benefits?

We often get asked what Waiver of Premium Life Insurance benefits are. We are sharing the details with you below.

Waiver of Life Insurance Premiums or Extension of Death benefits are sometimes provided in connection with group Life Insurance benefits.  They are usually associated with a pending claim for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits.  Basically, when a person is medically disabled from work, there is a provision in the Plan Documents or life insurance policy whereby the premiums for the continuation of the life insurance are waived during the pendency of a total disability.  The standard or definition used for determining “total disability” is usually very similar to that of determining disability for Short Term or Long Term Disability benefits.  However, the wording may not be exactly the same so a careful review of the policy and the language found therein is necessary.

It is not unusual for both Long Term Disability and Waiver of Premium benefits to be denied at or shortly near the same time.  The appeal for one will usually suffice for the other but it must be made clear in the appeal letter that it is intended for both.  The appeal letter needs to reference both claim numbers and must be sent to the address indicated for each.  The body of the letter should make specific reference that it is intended to be an appeal of both denials.

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