Medical Records Reviewers Reports

Over the many years that I have handled Short Term and Long Term Disability claims, I used to complain in my various writings about the fact the claimant was never afforded an opportunity to comment on the “Medical Records Reviewers Reports” relied upon by insurance companies to deny benefits.

The governing federal regulations were changed recently to provide that claimants are allowed to comment.  Nonetheless, the insurance companies are abusing the new process.
Claimants are allowed to comment.  Then the insurance company sends it back to the reviewer for his comments and then back to the claimant, apparently, ad infinitum.  This has the intended practical effect of forever delaying the claim.  It is our position that the reviewers do not have an unlimited right of response.  It is clear the regulations intend for the last response to come from the claimant before the benefits determination is rendered.
One insurance company is taking the insupportable position that the new federal regulations do not apply to cases which have a date of disability prior to the their implementation.  As a lawyer who “booked” the course in law school known as “Conflicts of Law,” I can render a certain opinion that any change in the method by which a determination is made will be considered procedural in nature and, therefore, applicable to all claims then pending, regardless of the date of disability.
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