How Can I Get My Long Term Disability Insurance Company to Stop Harassing Me?

Asking how to get your Long Term Disability Insurance company to stop harassing you is a routine question fielded every week here in our law office. It is a question which causes many people to call me even when they are receiving benefits.

Long Term Disability insurance companies make demands for the same documents over and over again. They deny having received items you have sent. Even when your doctor’s assistant tells you that medical records were sent, the claims representative says that they did not receive them. They repeatedly make inquiries of the doctor, frequently causing the doctor to be reluctant to become involved. The insurance companies know how critical the cooperation of your doctor is and they make every effort to undermine that cooperation, just like they know that keeping you stressed out is one way to get you to abandon your claim altogether.

We can help by playing the role of a buffer between you and the insurance company and between the insurance company and your doctor. One of the things we do as your Short Term and Long Term Disability attorney is keep the insurance company on their “best” behavior, although the term “best” is relative; they will still do everything they can to wriggle out of the legal obligation. We handle these issues while you address the more important matters concerning your health.

If you think your Long Term disability insurance company is harassing you, we can set up a conference to discuss your case and figure out the best methods to end the harassment.

As a law firm located in Orlando, Florida, Herbert M. Hill, P.A. extends throughout the state.  While the majority of our cases are for disability insurance benefits, our other areas of practice include employee benefit claims of all kinds. Herbert M. Hill, P.A. can handle any claims arising under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) for medical benefits, disability benefits, retirement benefits of any kind, including 401K, pension, termination agreements, as well as claims arising under private disability policies.

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