Cigna Long Term Disability Benefits

It can be stressful trying to get your Cigna Long Term Disability benefits without the help of a lawyer. Here’s why you need a lawyer to help you resolve issues with Life Insurance Company of North America.

Cigna is a parent company which has multiple insurance companies under its umbrella.  The primary company with which our office usually deals with is “Life Insurance Company of North America,” referred to as LINA. However, people always seem to want to refer to it as “Cigna” even though it is just part of their “pea in the shell game;” hiding the company with the ultimate responsibility to pay. LINA has its principal place of business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its claims’ offices are located in Dallas and Pittsburgh. Cigna and LINA are authorized to do business in the State of Florida.

The starting point is that your best interests are never protected by any insurance company regardless of what its advertising might try to lead you to believe. Keep in mind what Abraham Lincoln said about corporations. When Lincoln contemplated the aggregation of wealth by corporations, he said that he “tremble[d] for the safety of my country.” This is an unfortunate truth for those relying upon the Cigna Long Term Disability benefits that LINA agreed to pay.

Life Insurance Company of North America is unique among the insurance companies I deal with in that its claims representative are unwilling to give out their last names. So secret! How can a claimant truly know who they are dealing with? LINA does this because they have rigged the game so that these people never have to testify and own up to their actions.

In the same vein, LINA uses “mailing centers” to send out its mail which means you never know when it was actually mailed and why you are receiving a letter two (2) or (3) weeks after its alleged date, giving a deadline of 21 days. This has happened so often that it’s laughable. We have a form letter for this unethical behavior.

When handling Long Term Disability denials issued by LINA, we are able to stay ahead of the claims representatives because we are paperless and they are overwhelmed by their workload. We are able to commence responding immediately to all inquiries, thereby keeping the ball in LINA’s court. It is our belief that this results in favorable decisions because the claims representative know we are not going away. We will doggedly pursue your Cigna Long Term Disability benefits and insurance claim.

It is our experience that claims representatives try to do all their business on the phone but make it fairly impossible for the claimant to call back.  There is either an impenetrable phone maze or the claims representative is never available and never returns calls. An important issue in these claims is the content of the “Claims File” which is done by the claims representative when communications are by phone.  This is why we almost always conduct our business in writing, so it is not subject to the biased interpretation of the claims representative.

Our disability attorneys represent claimants involving Cigna and Life Insurance Company of North America at any stage of Short Term, and Long Term Disability claims- during application, appeals of denials and lawsuits. We represent many claimants who simply cannot or do not want to deal with the stress caused by Cigna or Life Insurance Company of North America in the course of the claim, whether benefits are being paid or not. If you have a disability benefits claim involving Cigna or Life Insurance Company of North America, you can contact us either through our website at or by calling our toll free number 844-454-5995 or 407-839-0005.

Our practice extends throughout the state.  We can handle claims in any state or federal court in Florida.

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