Long Term and Short Term Orlando Neck Pain Disability Claims

Medical conditions of the cervical region of the spine, i.e., the neck, can routinely lead to long term Orlando neck pain disability claims. The conditions involved include cervicalgia and cervical radiculopathy, which is a pain radiating through either arm.

Cervical discs are affected by injury and age-related wear and tear commonly leading to cervical spondylosis and degenerative disc disease. Bulging and herniated cervical discs can lead to compression of nerve roots which can lead to intractable, constant pain.  

These kinds of neck conditions make almost any kind of work more than unpleasant but sometimes impossible. The limited range of motion is of import but also the associated constant pain which impairs the ability to sit still and concentrate on any task for work.

We have handled many cases involving Orlando neck pain disability claims that have required testing such as Xrays, CT Scans, and MRIs.  What we do is we put together the package of medical evidence supporting your claim, outline the findings of your treating physicians and demonstrate the flawed medical reasoning that was used to deny your claim. Our lawyers will bring these skills to bear on your behalf.

If you have questions about Orlando neck pain disability claims, you should contact an attorney who routinely handles claims involving policies of disability insurance. Here at Herbert M. Hill, P.A., our law offices specialize in Long Term disability claims. Our attorneys would welcome the opportunity to discuss your Orlando neck pain disability claims case with you, at no charge.  You can contact us at 407-839-0005, (toll-free at 844-454-5995) or hmh@herbertmhill.com.

If you would like, after discussing your case, we can set a conference. In most circumstances, that conference would be free of charge but in no circumstance would you be under any obligation to hire me nor would you feel any pressure from us to do so. So contact us today!

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