Metropolitan Life Insurance Company: MetLife Long Term Disability Claims

Do you have a Metlife Long Term Disability Claim? Here at Herbert M. Hill, P.A., we can help.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (“MetLife”) is incorporated in the State of New York, although it is, of course, a worldwide conglomerate. Its home office is located in New York City, although its claims offices are located in Lexington, Kentucky hidden behind an impossible phone maze. MetLife is authorized to do business in the State of Florida.

At Herbert M. Hill, P.A., we have dealt with MetLife, and MetLife Long Term Disability claims routinely over the years. We are familiar with many of MetLife’s claims representatives, just as they are familiar with our law firm. Over the years, MetLife has earned a reputation for making unreasonable, almost indecipherable Long Term Disability denials. These decisions have a profound effect on deserving claimants to whom MetLife has a contractual duty of good faith to properly pay benefits. In fact, many MetLife claims for Long Term Disability benefits arise out of policies provided by an employer. These claims are governed by the federal statute commonly referred to as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”). That statute provides that MetLife owes a fiduciary duty to claimants. A fiduciary duty is one of the greatest obligations in the law, a duty which MetLife routinely ignores as it concerns itself with its own bottom line rather than your rightful claim.

Here at Herbert M. Hill, P.A., we have successfully dealt with the tactics used by the claims representatives of MetLife. As an example of MetLife’s tactics for denials, if you examine your MetLife claim forms, you will realize the forms are not designed to prove your claim. The questions and information requested on MetLife’s forms are not adequately detailed or do not leave either you or your doctor the proper question-answer options, thereby creating loopholes MetLife can use to deny benefits. At Herbert M. Hill, P.A., we can make sure these loopholes are closed.

We represent people with MetLife Long Term Disability claims during all phases of the process: application, appeals of denials and lawsuits. We represent many claimants who simply cannot or do not want to deal with the stress caused by MetLife in the course of the claim, whether benefits are being paid or not. It seems the tactic is to stress you out to the point where some people just abandon the claim.

If you have a Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits claim, you can contact us at or by calling our toll free number 844-454-5995 or 407-839-0005. Our practice extends throughout the state. We can handle claims in any city or federal court in Florida.

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