Dr. Phillips: Long Term Disability Benefits

Do you live in Dr. Phillips and need legal representation on a claim for Long Term Disability benefits?  We are lawyers who limit our practice to representing claimants for Long Term Disability benefits in and around Florida and Dr. Phillips Long Term Disability benefits.

Having been born in Central Florida, I can remember when Dr. Phillips was not much more than an orange grove. Now, it has grown into a great place to live, work and play.  Our law office is easily accessible to anyone who needs a Dr. Phillips Long Term Disability lawyer. It is conveniently located near downtown Orlando. This is good because you can find it without having to deal with the traffic and parking difficulties of central downtown. If need be, I can meet you in Dr. Phillips.

Our practice is primarily limited to claims involving Short and Long Term Disability claims and denials. Claims for Long Term Disability benefit represent over 90% of our practice. These claims are not something we handle “on the side” which might throw a monkey wrench into the work for most lawyers, as these cases require a thorough understanding of this area of the law.  

Nor do we ever represent insurance companies like other attorneys. We follow a specific process when handling Dr. Phillips Long Term Disability claims which have proven to be successful over the years.

Having such a process allows us to handle your claim on a personal level. We will familiarize ourselves with the particulars of your case, including your personal and professional background. We will secure all of the documentation necessary in order to have a thorough understanding of the medical issues which combined to cause you to be unable to work.

From Dr. Phillips Long Term Disability claims, you can contact us either through our website at www.HerbertMHill.com or by calling 407-839-0005. While our practice extends throughout the state, we have a particular interest in representing our neighbors, such as you.

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