Short Term Disability Denial

If I have been denied for short term disability, can I apply for Long Term Disability benefits? It seems so routine that Insurance Companies will deny the last month or two weeks of Short Term Disability benefits even though there has been no significant improvement in the claimant’s condition.  The reason they do this is [...]

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Your Case Diary

When involved in a claim for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits, it is very important for the claimant to keep a personal Case diary involving the case. This point cannot be stressed enough.  Let me explain why. First, think about this.  Everyone involved in your case diary is taking notes.  The insurance [...]

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Why Hire Herbert M. Hill, P.A.?

After many years in the legal business do you ever wondered why you should hire Herbert M. Hill, P.A? Today we're sharing the reasons why. Why Hire Herbert M. Hill, P.A.? One of the great advantages my firm offers is the fact that I am paperless. The cases I handle typically would have so much [...]

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