Your Case Diary

When involved in a claim for Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits, it is very important for the claimant to keep a personal Case diary involving the case. This point cannot be stressed enough.  Let me explain why. First, think about this.  Everyone involved in your case diary is taking notes.  The insurance [...]

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Denial Of Benefits

I represent claimants against insurance companies which issue Short Term and Long Term Disability benefits policies.  I can say that every one of these companies has issued a denial of benefits which can only be described as astonishing. They include Aetna, Prudential, Hartford, Provident, Unum, MetLife, Penn Mutual, MassMutual, MONY, Diversified Management Services, Lincoln, Reliance, [...]

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The Use of Medical Records Reviewers

The federal regulations which govern the process of benefit claims made pursuant to a benefits plan governed by the federal statute commonly referred to as “ERISA” has a specific process for review of benefit denials, looked over by the Medical Records Reviewer. As discussed in other writings on this website, a claimant is required to [...]

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A Very Valuable Asset

Short Term and Long Term Disability benefits are a very valuable asset providing entitlement to periodic monthly payments.  In assessing the value of such cases, it is important to understand how significant that income stream may be. The entitlement to benefits of a very valuable asset usually runs through age 65 or through what is [...]

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Most Common ERISA Denials

There are any number of reasons an insurance company can use to deny benefits, limited only by the imagination of the claims representative.  Of course, the insurance policy itself is a fertile ground for ERISA denials. An insured has to realize that the entire policy is designed to state reasons for ERISA denials.  It is [...]

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Production of Tax Returns

There is a balance needed when insurance companies need to verify earnings from the professional as the production of tax returns before giving them their disability benefits claim. This office routinely represents professionals on disability benefits claims arising out of private disability benefits policies. Herbert M. Hill, P.A. has represented professionals such as medical doctors, dentists, [...]

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If My Treating Doctor Says I Am Disabled, Are My Disability Benefits Denied?

If your treating doctor says that you are disabled, are my disability benefits denied? This is a question which goes to the core of the reasons why the federal statute known as ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) is really quite a cruel joke which Congress has played on the unsuspecting employees/insureds in favor of [...]

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Insurance Denial Letter

One of the most distressing letters you can receive is an insurance denial letter denying your claim for benefits. This insurance denial letter will carefully go through and discount without good reason all the evidence you have submitted demonstrating your right to receive the benefits which the insurance company agreed to pay.  You paid good [...]

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Production of Tax Returns

Our office routinely represents professionals on disability benefits claims arising out of private disability benefits policies. One issue which routinely arises is the production of tax returns. Herbert M. Hill, P.A. has represented professionals such as medical doctors, dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, podiatrists, psychologists, veterinarians, lawyers, engineers, and accountants. They all have been requested the production of [...]

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